How To Choose Bathroom Accessories And Towel Racks

Choosing a towel racks can be challenging. Technology has made a wide arrays of products.

How to Choose Bathroom Accessories and Towel Racks

How to Choose Bathroom Accessories and Towel Racks

How do I find the swinging racks?

You can try to browse online. You will find a selection of swinging racks. You might also find pure brass racks which are idea for storing items. It is convenience since you can fold the racks flat. It enables you to fit the racks in tight areas on your wall.

How is the brass made?

The brass racks are made of of brass and protected by a coated. Several types of racks are made of Brass Polish, or Chrome.

How much do the racks cost?

The price is depends on where you shop. So, it is better to go to several shops or websites so you can compare the price. But one thing you should be remembered, buy the pure brass rather than forged materials. Averagely the brass racks are cost around $63.

What about the Studio racks? What makes them special?

The studio racks are made for contemporary baths, yet you can install it in most bathrooms. It has a European class. The racks include chrome polish, texture accent and chrome, and the brush chrome. Since they are brushed and polished with transparent coats of epoxy finishes, the racks shine.

How do I choose width, height and depth?

It depends on what you want and what you need. There are several options on the market and you can choose it and suit with your need. But mostly, people buy a rack with the depth of 7 and ¾ inches deep, with the width of 11 and 7/8 inches and height of 7 ¾ inches.

How do I choose other bathroom accessories to match the rack?

You can consider to buy soap dishes, glass shelf vanities, bath tissue holders, robe hooks, towel rings/bars and glass holders. Brass or chrome usually looks good with glass.

How do the Key series look?

The key series are contemporary which is great for installing in master baths, guest baths, modern baths, and so on.

How do I choose wall mounts to match the contemporary?

If you want to match your wall mounts with the contemporary, you might try red, wood, and blue rosette wall mounts.

How are the towel racks mounted?

You can make it sturdy by screw it in the wall into the area to mount. Drill a hole in the wall using anchor to stick an anchor lock in and then put in your screw, which spreads out the anchor lock, securing it to the wall. Or you can use a T-bolt. If you use T-bolt, then you have to drill a hole depending on the size of the T-Bolt  the push the T-bolt in, which ears will pop out. To be noted, you can not pull the T-bolt back out.  Your choice will be depend on how large the rack is.